We are working as a qualified furniture designers. We have worked with a various companies locally and internationally. Offering unique solutions for each client is a major strength, with effective visual design driving brand recognition and customer response. As a creative thinkers, We work efficiently and effectively whilst exploring options within the task at hand. We are willing to go the extra mile to get a job done and being a little bit of a perfectionist, We ensure that all the work we produce is top quality.

Master of Arts
Dalibor MAREK

Work experience

2015 freelance designer based in SLOVAKIA
2013 – 2014 production supervisor for the company 3070 Group a.s., SLOVAKIA
2011 – 2012 designer for the studio DESIGN BALLENDAT, GERMANY 


2011 Master of Arts, Department of Furniture Design at Technical University in Zvolen, SLOVAKIA
2010 Erasmus exchange program at FHS Salzburg, AUSTRIA / Design & Product Management
2010 Exchange workshop at Centria University of Applied Sciences, FINLAND